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Name   Dr. Adrian Steinmann
City   Zug
Country   Switzerland
Company   Webgroup Consulting AG
Web page
GPG key ID   0x9ECB9631
Adrian Steinmann earned a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland and has over 20 years experience as an IT consultant and software developer. He is founder of Webgroup Consulting AG, a Swiss consulting company.

He has been working with FreeBSD since 1993 and NetBSD since 2005. He develops and maintains the STYX system to offer FreeBSD remote managed firewall services and to build custom systems on small x86 based platforms. This enabling technology has also been used to build secure encryption appliances on commodity hardware for the Swiss IT industry.

He is fluent in Perl, C, English, German, Italian, and has passion and flair for finding straightforward solutions to intricate problems.

During his free time he likes to play go, to hike, to travel, and to sculpt.
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