Swiss Perl Workshop 2019 - Call For Papers / Dietary Requirements

06/04/19 16:22 by Lee Johnson

This year's Swiss Perl Workshop is just a few months away, and we're looking forward to another interesting and fun event in Olten. The workshop takes place just a week after this year's The Perl Conference in Riga so perhaps if you're attending one you could spend a little more time in central Europe and attend the other, and if you're planning to give a talk at The Perl Conference then...

Either way, we encourage you to submit talks and we welcome a broad range of subjects, your talk does not have to be specifically Perl related. Share your experience with others, be it your daily messing around with bugs, writing interesting modules, hardware hacking, Perl 5, Perl 6, devops, and so on.

One thing to note for any attendees is that the wonderful kitchen crew from previous years will be helping us again in Olten, and we would like to give them a list of dietary requirements as far as possible in advance. If you need to let us know of this then please tell us by adding information to the SPW Wiki here.

We look forward to seeing you in Olten this August.

Great thanks go to our sponsors, who have already committed to the event:

Swiss Perl Workshop 2019 - August 16th & 17th 2019

01/03/19 11:16 by Lee Johnson

The dates for this year's Swiss Perl Workshop are now confirmed after our poll to ask interested attendees on their preferred choice

Although the date is close to The Perl Conference in Riga, just one week later in fact, this infers some advantages: we hope to appeal to overseas visitors who are attending TPC, including potential speakers, the dates in October turned out to clash with Swiss personal and school holidays, and we will be able to use the excellent kitchen team for snacks and lunches as we did in 2015 :)

The workshop will be free to attend once again, so please, register, think about submitting a talk, and perhaps even sponsor the workshop.

A great thanks go to our sponsors, who have already committed to the event:

Swiss Perl Workshop 2019 - One Week Left To Choose The Dates

21/02/19 11:23 by Lee Johnson

That's right, there is one week left on our poll to choose the dates for this year's Swiss Perl Workshop. If you're a regular to the workshop, or you are thinking about attending for the first time, then make your choice known. See our previous post for the details.

A great thanks go to our sponsors, who have already commited to the event:

If you would like to the sponsor the workshop then check out the sponsoring page for details.

Swiss Perl Workshop 2019 - Choose The Dates!

05/02/19 08:02 by Lee Johnson

We are chuffed to announce The Swiss Perl Workshop 2019. This year the workshop will return to Olten, the venue that hosted the workshop in both 2014 and 2015. The workshop will be held in English, although of course other languages are welcome.

We are yet to decide on a date and have three options:

  • Friday 16th and Saturday 17th August 2019 (one week after TPC in Riga)
  • Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October 2019
  • Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October 2019

We have decided to take the Swiss approach and ask the people. So if you plan to attend this year's Swiss Perl Workshop please let us know which date you would prefer using either this link or the embedded poll below. The survey will remain open until the end of February.

Please spread the word, register, submit talks, and come enjoy a perl workshop in the cosy Flörli Olten.

We are looking for more sponsors. Interested? Please check the sponsoring page.


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