Accommodation Near The Venue

The venue is very close to the center of Bern. You won't have any problems regarding public transport, hotels, bars, restaurants, or whatever you're looking for. Below we try to give you some hints and tips.

If you stay in any hotel in Bern, you will have public transport in the city included during your visit.

Hotel Marthahaus

From hotel Marthahaus you reach the venue in three minutes by foot. Breakfast buffet and Wifi is included in the booking. Bathroom is shared per floor.

We have visited the hotel. It seemed clean, friendly and had a community award from for the year 2017 displayed on the desk.

Allegro and Waldhorn

The Hotels Allegro Kursaal Bern and Waldhorn are just a little further but still close on the same river side and district. Check them out.

Youth Hostel

The Youth Hostel in Bern is at an absolutely phenomenal site. Just below the Bundeshaus (Federal Palace of Switzerland) next to the Marzili the cities most popular bathing area and a social meeting place. Embedded in the bank of the Aare next to the Parliament Building, the Marzili pool is free to enter. You will have to cross the beautiful historic city to reach the venue.

Please contact us by Email if you have any questions or problems.


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