Perl 6 Hackathon

Date: Thursday, 27. - Saturday, 29. August 2015
Venue: Flörli Olten

We are very proud to announce a Perl 6 Hackathon with Larry Wall as part of the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.

All perl hackers which like to contribute to Perl 6 are very welcome. We have been able to book all the rooms in the venue during hackathon and the workshop. Feel free to continue hacking or to join the workshop.

It's christmas time ;-)

"Larry has announced that the Perl 6 Developers will attempt to make a development release of Version 1.0 of Perl 6.0 in time for his 61st Birthday this year and a Version 1.0 release by Christmas 2015."

This will be one of the last hackathons before September, 27.

List of attendees

Since this is a community event we are searching for sponsors who are willing to support this extraordinary event

Please contact us by Email if you have any questions or problems.