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When going to a hackathon, it is always wise to prepare a bit. Don't go there and ask "tell me what to do", because Perl-people are seldom telling other people what to do. Before you come over, find out what you can do, and what you want to do (otherwise, people tell you: "improve the documentation").

If you know nothing about Perl 6, start with the documentation and the Perl 6 design documents (aka the Synopses). So start here:

If you are good in some things in Perl 5, you might want to check out the status of those things in Perl 6, and start from there, maybe you will be able to add some wonderful stuff to Perl 6 and make everybody happy.

There will be several people that help to install Perl 6. Some of the regular Perl 6 people have been doing a "Perl 6 Installation Hour" before. If you want to, you can install Perl 6 (especially Rakudo Star, the most advanced implementation of Perl 6):
For some, the best page for people using Linux/BSD/Debian, to install Perl 6 Rakudo:

The core Perl 6 developers will work on core Perl 6 code. But they will be available for "less important things" and most of them really don't mind helping out with small things, like "my installation of Perl 6 does not work as expected and I have no clue where to start fixing it".

A couple of things that people can work on:
* Documentation ( ).
* Convert modules from Perl 5 to use in Perl 6 (see also ; also check Stefan Seifert's Inline::Perl5 on ; check David Adler's activities on ; check DrForr's project on and ).
* Check the testing system, and add more tests ( see also ).
* Add more examples to Rosetta Code ( ), or maybe improve them.
* Add more examples to the Perl 6 examples suite ( )
* Invite people to visit #perl6 on where the people are busy, friendly and helpful (backlog is available too: ).

There are at least two important aspects that need a lot of attention for Perl 6 to become a success:
* IO
* graphics support
There is also a list of most wanted modules that need a lot of attention:

Perl 6 Install Fest

(time to be discussed, probably one of the first things to do during the Perl 6 Hackathon)
People willing to assist in installing Perl 6 on other attendees computers:

People wanting to have some assistance in having Perl 6 installed on their computer:

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