Call for papers

Talks are the heart of the workshop. They are usually 20 or 40 minutes long. There may also be lightning talks of 5 minutes, or extended talks of 120 minutes.

We welcome proposals on any subject related to Perl.

Please submit your talk proposal by August 12th, 2017 under New Talk.

Please describe what is interesting about your proposed subject, how you are going to explain it and how it is related to Perl. Your abstract should be approximately 2000 characters. That is 30 rows by 72 columns. Please remember that we are only running one track, so your presentation should preferably address a broad range of Perl people. (There is more than one way to listen.)

Event though Switzerland has four official languages we decided to use English as the workshop language. This should allow everyone to follow and to participate.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

We look forward to many interesting talks.


We are looking for Sponsors.