Using Mojolicious for Fun and Nonprofit

Using Mojolicious for Fun and Nonprofit

By Lee Johnson from
Date: Friday, 5 September 2014 11:10
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Language: English
Tags: mojolicious perl testing

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

This talk aims to give an overview of the Mojolicious framework with a lean towards migrating a legacy CGI application to modern perl dev methods.

The talk will explain the backgrounds of the company i am working for, the current state of their codebase, and the technical problems faced.

An overview of Mojolicious will be given, although this will not be in great detail as the emphasis is on migrating existing code. There will be examples of basic mojolicious code included, with explanations, and how these can be used as a migration path away from legacy CGI code.

An explanation will be given as to why Mojolicious was chosen over other frameworks and the lessons learnt in development and deployment of the application.

The basic skeleton of the talk is as follows:

- Who am i?
- Why nonprofit?
- What is "fun" in perl development terms?
- Classic signs of a legacy CGI application
- Why Mojolicious?
- Basic examples of Mojolicious code
- Migrating legacy CGI code to Mojolicious:
+ Wrapping existing CGI scripts using plugin modules
+ Reimplementing functionality with modern perl code
+ Writing tests
- Deployment of code to AWS infrastructure
- Lessons learnt in developing with Mojolicious

Other topics touched upon will include:

- Other popular perl frameworks
- DBIx::Class
- Moose/Mouse/Moo
- Test::* modules
- Dependency and perl binary management

I expect the talk to last around 30 minutes, and with a Q&A at the end that should take it to the 40 minute mark. The full presentation and example code will available for view/fork/contribution on github.

Attended by: Manfred Stock (‎mstock‎),