Courses with brian d foy

The Swiss Perl Workshop organise a Mastering Perl courses with this year's keynote speaker, brian d foy.

For the Mastering Perl course brian started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his expenses.

brian d foy is a prolific Perl trainer and writer. He's a frequent speaker at Perl conferences. He's the co-author of Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, Programming Perl, and Effective Perl Programming, and the author of Mastering Perl. He founded the first Perl user group, the New York Perl Mongers, as well as the Perl advocacy nonprofit Perl Mongers, Inc., which helped form more than 200 Perl user groups across the globe. He maintains several modules on CPAN and some stand-alone scripts.

For the courses we expect smaller groups of 15 participants at maximum, so brian will be able to tweak the courses to individual needs on the fly.

Mastering Perl (2 days course)

9.-10. September 2014, Colab Zürich
Kickstarter campaign for registration

Take the next step toward Perl mastery with advanced concepts that make coding easier, maintenance simpler, and execution faster. Mastering Perl isn't a collection of clever tricks, but a way of thinking about Perl programming for solving debugging, configuration, and many other real-world problems you’ll encounter as a working programmer.


  • Explore advanced regular expressions features
  • Avoid common problems when writing secure programs
  • Profile and benchmark Perl programs to see where they need work
  • Wrangle Perl code to make it more presentable and readable
  • Understand how Perl keeps track of package variables
  • Define subroutines on the fly
  • Jury-rig modules to fix code without editing the original source
  • Use bit operations and bit vectors to store large data efficiently
  • Learn how to detect errors that Perl doesn’t report

Please contact us by Email if you have any questions or problems.

The Intermediate Perl course will note be held due to lack of registered people.