Swiss Perl Workshop 2014

Welcome to the second Swiss Perl Workshop.

Date: Friday, 05. September 2014 and Saturday, 06. September 2014
Venue: Flörli Olten
Language: English

The Call for papers is open. Please submit your talk proposal by 05. July 2014.

Also, because we have rented a house with a few rooms, we are very open to any workshop-like ideas. This could be anything Perl that 2-10 people can attend.

NEW: Courses with brian d foy

We are looking for Sponsors. Interested? Have a look at the packages on the Sponsoring page.

The workshop will be a great opportunity to:

  • meet Perl hackers from Switzerland and other countries
  • learn from and be inspired by talks
  • chat and socialise during breaks and attendees dinner

Watch this space for updates, or check the feed.


We are looking for Sponsors.